Finding God In The Midst Of It All (Pt 2)

As we continued on our journey something in the atmosphere shifted I began to see things in the spirit rather than in the flesh. I listened and I heard. As I looked ahead there stood  a tree  rooted inside a rock. That tree looked firm and green. Amidst the wind that was blowing, it did not move much .   I integrated a personification to the tree which made the  tree looked like it was worshiping God.  I was reminded on which rock we stand.

She said “Debbie, remember those trees that you saw earlier?” She continued “some
looked green, some had major changes and some looked like there was no sign of
life to it”. That is how life is, we go through changes some of the changes are not comfortable . Sometimes the situations in life is like the harsh  elements of the weather. It can sometimes strip things away from us. Sometimes we feel like we are going to die. Some trees bend when the wind  blow, sometimes during  the storms  it is uprooted. Some can be preserved but some will die. However, with Christ been our Rock on which we stand we can face and overcome anything in life. I felt like a flood gate was opened the Holy Spirit began to pour in me.


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