RLM’s Boys to Men Ministry:- We believe God is calling all males in His kingdom to become mature men, regardless of age or position! We believe that boys become true men, not through the accumulation of birthdays or positions, but the accumulation of experiences with God and his deepest self. “We believe God made men to lead. We believe it’s time for men to Man-Up and take personal responsibility for their growth in God and building God’s men that can positively impact families for generations to come.

Our Boys to Men’s Ministry:- seeks to provide programs, bible studies, worship experiences, discipleship and also workshops that will help young men grow individually, and as a band of brothers, to teach them ways of staying engaged in The Word and promoting Holy Living in today’s world! Providing leadership training and development that is essential to equipping our young men with the skills and tools to effectively grow in Christ as future leaders of tomorrow.

Our Men of Valor Ministry:-Seeks to train men to lead their families, by first being Godly examples themselves. Teaching them that relationship with our creator and understanding how the Gospel and God’s truth governs our lives, helps them move to discovering the Word of God through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.  We aim to build and empower men spiritually who would not just follow programs, but men whom other men will follow as they follow Christ. We aim to develop bold, courageous, 21st Century Visionary Leaders and to establish an environment where strong leadership is attractive. Encouraging them to be all God intended them to be as they serve as leaders, ministers, counselors, shepherds, husbands, and fathers.”


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