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Isaiah 40:31 – ‘But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;and they shall walk, and not faint.’

Knowing when to move on God’s purpose for you is just as important as moving. God’s timing is impeccable and you must hit the target at the right time. But we are not talking about a game of “operation” where if you touch the sides you fail and lose your turn. It doesn’t work like that with God’s plan. When you really have a relationship with God and have denied yourself, you will not mess up God’s plan for you. His grace and mercy is really for those that need his assistance and not those that need a license to live foul. His grace and mercy follows you and covers you so that your error and human nature does not forfeit your ability to reach your goal. God is working to protect you and develop character in you by restoring you each time you may error because he desires to see you fulfill the plan he has for you. This is not for those that just desire to do wrong, but this is reserved for those that really desire to do right.

Understand this my friend. God’s plan requires a waiting period and during that period you are broken and remade. So, sure, there will be trials, errors, and all kinds of tribulations that you will endure while going through the “breaking” process. But God’s grace is sufficient to see you through all these things if your goal really is to please him. God has no problem extending mercy to you if your goal is to reach his goal for you. If your focus is God and his plan, and you have forsaken your own carnal existence, then his grace and mercy will see you through to his goal and you cannot fail. But once you take your eyes off God’s plan and decide to go your own way, grace and mercy will stand still and allow you to walk on your own. How do I know this? Well, Jesus said it! He said that if you are to come after him, or follow him, you must first deny yourself. If you do not deny yourself, you cannot follow after him! Jesus is the way remember? So, if you are not denying yourself, you are not following the way. And there is no grace and mercy extended to you when you decide to go your own way. I’m not talking about falling into error, I’m talking about living in error! Please understand people of God, this is as simple as 1+1=2. Wait on God and stay focused on him while you wait, and his grace and mercy will protect you and see you through until you reach your goal. You never have to worry about failing God if you are focused on God. You never have to worry about sinking as Peter did when he stepped out of the boat. As long as he kept his eyes focused on Jesus, he could walk with him. But when he took his eyes off Christ, he began to sink. I’m telling you, it’s not about you. It’s not about what people will say. It’s not about what the enemy is doing. It’s all about keeping God your focus and making it to your goal in him. He has your end and as long as you wait for him and follow after him, He will see you through to it.

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